Sunday 29 November 2009

Review: Opernpalais, Mitte


Opernpalais vitrine cake selectionIt may not be trendy but I don't care. Where afternoon tea is concerned I'm quite happy to be a bit of an old fogey. I'm talking about one of my favourite spots for cake in Berlin, Opernpalais on Unter Den Linden. It's actually a restaurant that's open all day but it is, unsurprisingly, the afternoon tea I'm interested in. Of course it's more properly a kaffee und kuchen place but thankfully they have a really good choice of tea - and in truth their kaffee is not that fantastic, even Coffee Boy opts for tea so that gives you some idea...

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Review: Covent Garden Hotel

Covent Garden Hotel afternoon teaA couple of weekends ago, Coffee Boy and I decided to treat ourselves to a posh afternoon tea. The weather had just started to turn and we felt like dressing up and having a pleasant afternoon out - although in truth I don't really need any kind of excuse to go out for tea. It being a last minute decision we had no chance of getting into one of the usual suspects on the afternoon tea circuit, so we opted for the Covent Garden Hotel. Although we hadn't been there before we know a few of its sister hotels and really like their laid-back vibe.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

The Best Tea Shop in London

Postcard Teas Bond StreetI don't know why it's taken so long for me to write this post. I have been visiting this shop for quite a while now but something has stopped me writing it about it. Perhaps in some deep part of my soul I wanted to keep it just for myself; or maybe I was wary of sounding a bit too fawning. Either way, it can't carry on. I cannot write a blog about tea and not talk about the wonderful Postcard Teas.

Friday 6 November 2009

Birthday Tea Bonanza

Tea presentsIt was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I had started a new job a few days before so I decided not to make it a "big one". Instead I gathered together a couple of my loved ones and headed to Saf Restaurant in Shoreditch. It is an amazing vegan raw food place, which I realise may not sound like the most wonderful thing - but it really was. And not only was the food great but the rather fantastic mixologist behind the bar created a special tea cocktail for me!