Tuesday 28 September 2010

Spiced Maple and Pecan Muffin Recipe

Spiced maple and pecan muffin recipeI really feel like I've been duped. How can I have got this far in life without discovering just how simple muffins are to make?

For someone who considers themselves a fairly enthusiastic baker, I recently realised I've never made a muffin in my life. This thunderbolt hit me when my lovely friend R bought me Muffin Magic by Susannah Blake as part of a rather wonderful housewarming present. I suppose I had always assumed that muffins would be much more difficult to make than, for instance, cupcakes as they have a more bready texture. But how wrong I was. The first muffins I tried were a savoury cheese and onion batch which turned out amazingly well. Frankly it came as something of a surprise as throughout the mixing process - which took all of about 10 minutes - I kept thinking, this can't be right; it's just too easy.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Back in the Game

PG Tips moving house

Hello tea friends! It feels like I have been away so long. Let's just say I've been in house moving hell where the only tea I've been making (although rarely drinking) is the above.

But now I'm almost settled I plan to get resolutely back on the tea and cake horse. More anon (and thanks for bearing with me)...