Tuesday 21 September 2010

Back in the Game

PG Tips moving house

Hello tea friends! It feels like I have been away so long. Let's just say I've been in house moving hell where the only tea I've been making (although rarely drinking) is the above.

But now I'm almost settled I plan to get resolutely back on the tea and cake horse. More anon (and thanks for bearing with me)...


  1. Have you tried Teasmith at Spitalfields? Curious if it's a good experience. Love your blog.

  2. Thanks Anon. I have been to Teasmith. They have a lovely selection of teas (many blended and sourced by the lovely Tim at Postcard Teas). It's very much a zen tea experience. Beautifully brewed and easy to appreciate but not a comfy tea and cake type of spot. You sit on stools at the counter so I tend not to feel as though it's a place to linger - although the staff are friendly and the tea is top notch (they even have some rather delicious tea chocolates...).