Friday 30 July 2010

What's with the Milk?

Germany tea coffee creamerWhat is wrong with this picture? Have you spotted it yet? Yes, it's the plate full of coffee creamer. Rarely a good thing in my book these little plastic pots, but when served up alongside a pot of tea? Yuk.

Heimbs kaffeesahne coffee creamer
I'm not sure what the deal is here in Germany, but when you order tea one of three things happens: a) no milk is brought at all - fair enough for a green tea but I'd like it as an option for black teas; b) these little plastic pots of UHT coffee creamer are brought out; or c) a little jug of hot frothy milk is proffered. What's going on? I find option (c) particularly baffling as surely pouring milk straight from the carton is easier than heating it up and then pouring it?

Jug hot frothy milkIt amazes me that a country that gets the quality of its tea so right, gets its milk accompaniment so wrong. Thank goodness they have some darn fine cake to make up for it is all I can say.


  1. Perhaps it's not so much that they're getting the milk wrong, but that they're too lazy to pour milk and balance the small pitcher.

  2. How strange that is! But German cake and cup of can't go wrong with that no matter how weirdly the milk presentation is :D

  3. Can't stand UHT milk as we call it in Australia. Love the German cake though, and the tea. You had me drooling..:)

  4. Iam German and addicted to tea as well ;o) I will add d) getting COLD Milk or what is (in my opinion) worst e) cold condesed milk *urrghh*
    So I am not sooo shocked of the sight of hot forthy milk :o)

  5. We have the same problem in the US. Most restaurants will bring you little plastic containers of coffee cream. Sometimes I have to pay for a glass of milk to use it for my hot black tea.

    It is usually better in a proper tea room, where they bring a little pitcher of milk to the table.