Thursday 15 July 2010

Where's the Green Tea?

Frae Islington frozen yoghurtIf you're in London, I'm sure the latest craze for frozen yoghurt hasn't passed you by (and if you're in the States you're probably thinking "latest craze??"). I wasn't overly fussed about it having had a couple of fairly disappointing tubs but then I discovered that Frae offered a green tea flavour and I hot-footed (or hot-wheeled) it up to Islington to try some. My anticipation grew as I saw that one of the toppings on offer was mochi - the pounded rice sweets I had so enjoyed in Japan. I also added some mango and was ready to go. Well, it was another disappointment I'm afraid. Sure the mango was deliciously ripe, and the mochi were nice but where was the green tea in the frozen yoghurt? At first I thought I'd been served the wrong flavour but on comparison with Coffee Boy's I could taste that it was a bit different but I'd have been hard-pressed to tell you what the flavour I was eating was.

Frae Islington frozen yoghurt green tea
The fat-free, low calorie and organic nature of the frozen yoghurt is to be commended but I really don't see the point in offering a flavour that is so slight as to be virtually undetectable. I thought this was just a Frae issue but I have been informed by my friend Miss O that it's much the same story in Snog and in various places she's tried in the States. Come on frozen yoghurt companies; the health benefits of green tea are all very well but let us taste some of that good stuff too!


  1. I thought exactly the same thing - thought I'd been given plain by mistake!

  2. Couldn't agree more! Have you tasted the pomagranate one? It's pretty much the same story sadly...but I do love the froyo. In fact, I might pop over to Snog for dessert after my lunch:)

  3. Oh no!! It looks great, but sorry it was disappointing. Maybe you could learn to make your own(?!).

  4. I love frozen yoghurt but its so hard to find at the moment. Hopefully more places will start opening. Looks a lovely texture, shame about the lack of flavour though

  5. So glad it's not just me missing the green tea Katie. Was starting to wonder if my tastebuds had overdosed! I tried the Pom one Emily and although it was a bit weak I could kind of taste it...

    It's strange given how much people like green tea ice cream that the companies aren't getting on board. Still, aside from that, it is nice to have something frozen that's healthy (apart from the chocolate chips, Oreos, etc. etc...)

  6. I haven't been into Snog, the name puts me off!! The term "fro yo" doesn't do a lot for me either.... having said that, I do like the stuff, I just wish people called it "frozen yogurt" instead!!